'RACER UNTITLED, installation detail, firstsite, Colchester, UK. 2006' Photograph by Douglas Atfield.


RACER UNTITLED was exhibited at Firstsite, Colchester, UK, from 16th August - 7th October 2006 and was curated by Annabel Lucas.

RACER is a video work made between 1997 and 2002. It is made up of one shot that records the circular movement’s f the camera for 13 minutes 44 seconds. The camera's movements trace the contours of an architectural structure situated in a landscape. The location for the shot was Donabate beach in north county Dublin, Ireland and the architectural structure was a Martello Tower built by British Army engineers at the beginning of the 19th Century to defend British territories from Napoleonic invasions. The video was shot using an automated mechanism which was based on the dynamics of a cordless drill, and was produced by the artist to create the desired camera motion.

During the process of making this video work an 'UNTITLED' body of work was also made involving the surrounding location for the video shoot. This work includes photographs, microfiche, drawings and the web project friendlyghosts.

The RACER project continues to exist as an ongoing flexible and anamorphic project.

RACER's aim was to 'Capture the inexplicability of the moment and the beauty inherent within that concept'.