(Phelan/mcloughlin, '...One truth teaches another...', Installation detail - RHA, Dublin, Ireland.
250 watt FM radio transmission, spokesperson, 19 live discourses on contemporary art, 1997)
Documentation photograph by Garrett Phelan.

This work was specifically commisioned for the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin in 1997. The concept for the work was based on Joshua Reynolds' '10 Discourses on Art'. For '...One truth teaches another...', Phelan/McLoughlin employed and contracted an artist Maurice O'Connell for 19 days to broadcast live 19 individual discourses on contemporary art. O'Connell's role and identity as artist was removed and he solely functioned as Phelan/McLoughlin's Spokesperson. Each evening the voice of O'Connell was broadcast throughout the city of Dublin where he was contractually obliged to follow Phelan/McLoughlin's instructions for the content of each transmission.

An archive of this work is available for exhibition purposes.