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LUNGLOVE was commissioned for Manifesta 5 located in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain in 2004. It was set nearby the Donostia-San Sebastian Aquarium within a disused 'Soto' or workshop for mending fishing boats, in the heart of the city's 'Old Town' harbour.
Garrett Phelan proposal image for project entitled "Scum of the Earth" for the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Details of Microfiche/Microfilm and Video Projection. Online Flash based art project for Circa Art Magazine. Do call Extract from research for "Scum of the Earth". friendlyghosts Flash 5 project 2002 Video/DVD project exhibited in IMMA 2002, a description. audio artists radio transmissions Microfiche images 2000 - 2001 Video/DVD project 2002,  a description. Current work hoooooo hooooohahahahaaaaaa!! forward