‘ELECTROMAGNETIC PHENOMENON - Portrait of a Broadcaster – Donal Dineen 2010.’, photograph, 20.3 x 15.2cm, 2010

‘ELECTROMAGNETIC PHENOMENON - Portrait of a Broadcaster – Donal Dineen 2010'
Context Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland.’
8th November – 30th November 2010

‘ELECTROMAGNETIC PHENOMENON - Portrait of a Broadcaster – Donal Dineen 2010' was a two-part radio/video project located at The Context Gallery, Derry, in association with one of Ireland’s top national broadcasters TODAY FM.

This work was part of an ongoing portrait of an acclaimed broadcaster, chosen by Phelan as someone whose iconic voice represents integrity and seriousness to his core audience, many of whom have developed their musical knowledge with him over many years. The project exists as an analogy between Energy, Electricity, Voice, the Power of the Mind and Other Matter.

Whilst acknowledging the importance of the content of Donal Dineen’s radio programme, Phelan focuses this ongoing portrait on the resonance of the broadcaster’s voice, its mediation to the outside world via the microphone, the wires and the transmission of the FM signal into the ether. The aesthetic of this work represents the unknown properties of the electromagnetic signal once it travels beyond human understanding and how it relates back to us throughout its infinite, sublime and mystical journey.

In Part 1 of the project at the Context Gallery Donal Dineen broadcast his ‘SMALL HOURS’ radio show live from the Context Gallery for the nights of Monday 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th November from Midnight – 2.00am. The gallery was open from 11pm each night and visitors were welcome to watch the broadcasts.

In Part 2, a new video work was made by Phelan documenting the live gallery broadcasts and was on view in the gallery from 15th November during normal gallery hours.

Garrett Phelan has developed a distinctive art practice that directly engages the audience with immersive, ambitious site-specific drawing projects, FM radio broadcasts, sculptural installations, photography and animation. He has exhibited widely in Ireland and internationally including the 4th Auckland, Triennial, New Zealand, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam, ICA London, the 32nd Art Basel Statement and Manifesta 5, European Biennial. His work is part of many public and private collections. He is represented by Mother’s Tankstation. Funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


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