'Radio Tombs and Interruption. Installation detail - Dublin City The Hugh Lane - 2008/2009'
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Garrett Phelan: Radio Tombs and Interruption.

This project consisted of sculptural and drawing elements, all black in colour and each holding their meaning within their physical form. Radios are buried within each of the sculptures, or Tombs, broadcasting a barely audible random radio signal. No artificial light was used in the space, only the natural light falling from the ceiling above. Apart from the feint sound the only apparent existence of electromagnetics within the space are the plugs from the Radio Tombs entering the sockets on the wall and the black wire flexes forming snake-like shapes around the Tombs. Texts are cast onto the concrete surface of the Radio Tombs adding a cryptic entry point into the meaning of the work. As a counterbalance to the Tombs, matt black paint was sprayed directly onto the gallery wall one of his black ‘Interruptions - a dark and unfathomable form.

he project ran from 25th October 2008 to 01st February 2009

Dublin City Gallery, The Hugh Lane,
Charlemont House
Parnell Square North
Dublin 1