SMART Project Space Amsterdam - 'Between two ITs - 2010 - 'RACER', video on monitor, PA system, 13:44 min.

20 March - 2 May 2010.

Curated by Hilde de Bruijn SMART Project Space presented Between two ITs , the first solo exhibition in The Netherlands by Garrett Phelan (1965). Between two ITs contained a newly commissioned work called Interruption. Or between two ITs – Part 3. The work explores “the space between believing in and not believing” and was partly informed by the history and original use of the SMART Project Space building – a former pathological anatomical laboratory. The notion of being between believing and not believing, or perhaps losing faith and the manifestation of new faith, is key to understanding the particular constellation of works in this exhibition.

The exhibition also included black and white photographs; the radio floor sculpture The Revelation of Ministration; the video installation Racer; and several works from the series Radio Tombs, concrete, tombstone-like sculptures with radios buried inside, broadcasting a barely audible random radio signal.

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