Garrett Phelan, 'Battle for the Birds.' , Installation detail Fruitmarket, Edinburgh, UK. Photo: Alan Dimmick. Courtesy The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2009




Garrett Phelan Basel Statement 2008 - 'Battle for the Birds'.

The 'Battle for the Birds' (2008) installation was originally created for Art Statements; Art Basel 39 and was loosely based around a 16th Century painting by Flemish artist Frans Snyder entitled ‘Battle of the Birds’ located at the Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork, Ireland. Garrett Phelan's installation takes the form of  drawings, animation, sculpture and sound. In Snyder’s vicious and violent painting bird fights bird for territorial control, here Phelan illustrates and describes on behalf of the avian community a type of politicised take-over, threat or revolt against the human population whose treatment of the earth has been, thus far, shamefully inadequate.

This body of work has toured the UK as part of 'End of the Line-attidudes in drawing', a touring show initiated by Southbank Centre the Hayward during 2009.

Installation contents:

Mutant Finch drawings
Mynah Drawings
Large Mynah Drawings
Ringed Drawings
Roding Glowing Woodcock on Reconnaissance
After the Mynahs - Radio Tomb
Agitprop - Songs of Principles
Thank God For Us - (Animation)

Venue installation shots

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