A.A.R.T. - Radio was funded by The Arts Council of Ireland and the Irish Museum of Modern Art as part of 'From beyond the pale'.
It transmitted for eight evenings for 6 hour periods on 96.7 FM to the greater Dublin area in Ireland in 1994. It had a temporary
broadcast licence issued by the IRTC (Independent Radio Television Commission) and was curated by Garrett Phelan and Mark McLoughlin.
A.A.R.T. - Radio was created to intermittently facilitate the work of visual artists who use sound as a creative medium and to explore the
creative potential of radio broadcasting. For the first time in Ireland the project transmitted soundworks of over 200 international artists to the citizens of Dublin in Ireland.

(An image of one of the performances from A.A.R.T-Radio's live transmissions, RHK Chapel 1994.)
Documentation photograph by Brendan Bourke.

Below are a selection of 30 second excerpts of recordings taken from 2 live day broadcast and recording sessions where artists were allowed
total free access to a live recording and broadcast studio located on the North Range (Great Hall and Chapel) of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham,
a 17th Century building where the Irish Museum of Modern Art is situated.

A Published CD exists of this project.

An archive of this work is available for exhibition purposes.
Nigel Rolfe - Excerpt from 'Text for Radio'

Brian Connolly/Tony Sheehan - Excerpt from '6 hours from IMMA'

Stephanie Condon-Casey/Jackie Condron/Mary Gorman - Excerpt from The Three Disgraces

Danny McCarthy - Excerpt from The Cating of Sticks (Chrann Chur)

Fergus Kelly - Pressure

Garrett Phelan - Sound Drawing (Study)

Gregory Whitehead - A.A.R.T. Phonelink

Michael Holohan/ Dermot Healy/ Colin Blakey - Excerpt from 'What the Hammer'

R.I.P. Hayman - A.A.R.T. Phonelink