A.A.R.T. - ARTHOUSE. This project was funded by The Arts Council of Ireland and was licensed by the Independent Radio and Television Commission and the Department of Telecommunications Regulations. A.A.R.T.-Arthouse was the second free-form narrowcast Audio Artists Radio Transmissions project and was broadcast from Arthouse, multi media centre for the arts in the Temple Bar area of Dublin city Ireland on the 30th of May - 2nd of June 1998. This project was designed purely for artists interested in working collaboratively with sound in a live performance context via radio. Artists/technicians involved were; Tony Curtis, Stephen Foley, Carol McKeon, Mark McLoughlin, Fergus Kelly and Garrett Phelan. The project was curated by Garrett Phelan.

The basic format of the project was outlined by Garrett Phelan and consisted of the follwing.
1. That the collective of artists/technicians operated from the recoding studio of Arthouse.
2. The artists/technicians worked collaboratively.
3. That any artist/technician could alter or experiment with any of the sounds created by another artist/technician during the broadcasts.
4. The broadcasts would be recorded digitally.
5. The the project would be broadcast using a UHF STL link transmitter and a 250 watt FM transmitter.
6. The artists/technicians would work from 10am - 5.30 pm for each of the 4 days. 8 hours per day.
7. That througout the project the aims were to fully explore all four headings, RADIO, LIVE, RADIO, PERFORMANCE.
8. That the project would exist as a research development project only.
9. That the public would not be informed of the nature of the project through media or printed matter.

Structural aspects of the project that gave rise to assessment were, the necessity for the inclusion of other creative exponents from different disciplines for future projects. The development of relationships with technicians interested in working in this area and in this way. The need to break away from traditional studio environments. The further development of audience research in relation to projects such as this.

A Published CD exists as a final stage of a research and development for this project. And an archive of this project is available for exhibition purposes.

Below are a selection of 30 second excerpts of recordings taken from the project..